Easily Turn Your Paper Forms in to a Mobile App…Finally!

Forms on Fire…Easy as 1…2…3…

Forms On Fire saves you time and money by eliminating paperwork and speeding up data collection and distribution.

Step 1: Design your forms

Start from scratch or get going with a pre-built template from our huge catalog. Instantly deploy in test to your users in the field.

Form Designer
Use our immensely powerful drag and drop designer and forget that you are a citizen and not a programmer. Write no code. Blow minds.

Smart Fields
Pre-populate known information like customer or part lists and hide or display fields depending upon what is relevant.

Report Designer
Using Microsoft Word or Excel, match your brand, including your logo, links and so much more. Send automatically in any format, such as PDF.

Step 2: Collect information

Boost your data entry capabilities right from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Mobile Forms App
Take your work with you (even offline) and eliminate data re-entry with the Forms On Fire app for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Assign work to your team in the field and provide critical job details without leaving the office.

Pass work from one person to another to ensure the job is done and that everyone who needs to sign off is able to, wherever they are located.

Step 3: Distribute your data

Work intelligently and continuously improve your business by delivering actionable insights to everyone right now.

Smart Sync
Working offline is hassle-free, even with printers…and you always have the latest versions of your most important things.

Get Notified
Automatically email forms to whoever needs to see them, from customers to co-workers, and even push to other systems with built-in integrations. Send instantly, delayed, or with conditions.

Make better decisions and optimize the mobile experience with purpose-built dashboards, getting a consolidated view of information that matters.

“Fantastic platform for easy customization and massive improvements to efficiency!”